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i started a blog. i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, you had a blog. and now you have an lj. in fact, you have two ljs, since this one is stealth and covert. what more could you want? i wanted a place to be public. i talk about personal stuff on this journal, but i will not be doing that on the blog. it will mostly be a place to talk about stuff that i've been reading online or offline, or random things that come into my head that i think might be of interest to other people.

so yeah, that's my plug. go. read. comment. love me. Elitist Snob
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for rach

I was watching VH1's I Love the 80s series, and Anderson Cooper was on it!! hehe. he's adorable. i just had to let you know.
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the unveiling

exciting news!!! My website is open!!!

After about a year of wanting to have a website but never really getting it together, in the last month or so I finally sat down and made one. I'm so proud of myself for learning html. I'm still not so great at it, but I'm learning. it is: silent sigh. I'm hosting by the wonderful amazing Elly.

so please go check it out. I know there isn't much content up right now, but I'll be adding stuff. I also have an idea for a music site...

tell me what you think!
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remember the time that boys really frustrated me b/c they like to play games w/ me? b/c that was now.

I have nothing interesting to say. I'm stressing hardcore about London and school and stuff. I had a piano recital tonight and I played horribly, but oh well.

and just b/c i lurve them: big kiss and hugs for glitterglamgirl and rach_inabox
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Rach is back!!!!! eee!

ok. i have to got to work. and erm, do work. but i'll post later.
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last night...

i had a hardcore conversation w/ Ralph(who's this guy that was in love w/ me for a while. things were really weird. i don't know how i felt/feel about him). It was so intense.

so now i basically don't know what i'm thinking about a lot of stuff.
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she woke in the morning...

I feel like I haven't updated in a while. I guess I haven't had much to say. The play never happened this weekend. I felt like my friends treat me awfully. So saturday night I laid in my bed composing(but not writing) a suicide note. Not that I could ever actually kill myself, but I was angry, and well. yeah. Then I felt mildly inspired to write, but I didn't have the energy.

I didn't talk to James at all. Which was sad. Except for yesterday at brunch he stopped by the table on the way out to ask if I had started the prosem reading.(I hadn't. obviously.) I'm sure he doesn't like me, but my roommate is constantly wanting to talk about it, and form some sort of gameplan, and telling me to 'put the moves' on him. Which started a rather heated debate about how I don't have any moves. Yeah. So basically I'm still feeling rather dreadful. But what can you do?

I have much work to do today, but I'm not sure any of it's going to get done...
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don't walk on me...

grr. so i was supposed to go to a play tonight, but my friends are jackasses and they were late and so we missed the shuttle. so we're not going. i'm so pissed about. i really feel like i don't matter. everyone just walks all over me. it's not just my friends either, it's complete strangers. they bump into me and don't even notice or care, and i'm shoved across the room. it's ridiculous.

sorry about all the whining, but i'm in a crappy mood now.
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life is like a shooting star

the title has nothing to do w/ the post. just so you know.

I'm so sleepy. I went to an extra credit thing this morning for astronomy, then did my astronomy hw. it was hardcore. and i've spent the rest of the day just sitting around. I should sleep though. Tonight is a play, so a bunch of us are going. should be fun. sorry for such a boring post...

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